Thank you to everyone I have been blessed to connect with so far on this path. What a divine experience it is to share presence with such incredible souls all over this world.

Here we are, as we walk each other home through the blockages, increasing awareness and growing in connectivity together as a global family. 


I am grateful for these experiences with you. Tell me about your session. I would be honoured to read about your unique experience with me.

White WIld Flowers
Wedding Canopy

Prior to my first session with Snow, I was in severe physical pain, feeling hopeless, running on empty, and deeply malnourished spiritually, looping on the same issues, like a broken record. Because of this, I was in a chronic state of anxiety and profound disempowerment that was cutting me off from my own inborn creative capacities and solidity as a man. It was getting hard for me to trust in life’s goodness and be positive. Like Snow, I am a guide who supports people to have profound shifts that enable them to come into precision clarity on their life, but no one’s perfect and at times we all need conscious allies advocating for us to show us another way, to rally for the real Spirit inside when we have forgotten how to believe.


Sometimes we simply need a pure, trustworthy heart to boldly perform the risky cut to sever what is blocking the flow of our power in order to connect us to something greater—a more holistic Divine Order. Snow is an oracle and like a psychic surgeon. What led me to seek Snow’s counsel is her compassionate wisdom. She’s no ordinary woman: she is gentle yet at the same time lovingly fierce, a primordial mystic who feels and is attuned to subtle levels of awareness that even some of the greatest guides rarely have access to.

What I appreciated the most about our work together was the way in which she dialed into the heart and core of the matter beneath all of the issues I was struggling while simultaneously weaving all the parts into a greater, holistic tapestry, a theme that I could actually begin to unravel on my own.


Due to her near-death experience, Snow is all love and has no resistance to the flow of life, which makes her an open channel for miraculous insights to flow through her vessel on behalf of those she assists. Her process is very fluid and subtly powerful, like water, and she has an impeccable way of delivering exactly the activations that your soul is thirsting for. My biggest “aha” came after the session in my integration. It’s as though the pieces of the puzzle regarding the underlying causes of my suffering were finally making themselves apparent to me, and this created a cascade of tremendous inner healing. I began having my own next-level mystical revelations. Following the session, my pain lessened, and it was as though my heart was smiling once again at the sheer delight of life.

To commune with Snow in a sacred space let alone be guided by her is to receive some of the most beautiful soul medicine you never imagined existed. Her skillful guidance led me back to my Self in a way that I am eternally grateful for. After the session, I found myself easily breaking through a core wound that had plagued me all my life. I am still integrating the session 1 month later. This work is perfect for open-hearted spiritual seekers who are adamant about perceiving and discerning their life from a higher perspective and want to break through.


If you have serious questions and are seeking definitive answers of the mystical variety, I urge you to get support from Snow. Her Divine messages will likely rivet your being and spark an inner revolution, as they did for me and countless others. My deep love, care, admiration, and celebration to you Snow…thank you for being—the miracle—who you are, a gift to the world.

Aaron Luminous Hearth

United States


I have worked with Sarah for a few sessions. She was incredible in guiding me figure out what messages I was getting through my dreams and more.


She helped me understand for the first time in my life what self love truly looks like and how to put that in practice. She has an inner knowing and wisdom which is extraordinarily helpful in helping her clients.

My sessions with Sarah definitely accelerated my awakening process by a lot.


What I learned with her in a few weeks took me a lot longer to learn before. They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives, perhaps I was ready but without her help I still wouldn’t have reached the understanding as fast as I did.

I highly recommend working one on one with her.. even if you are not fully ready Sarah can help identify what you need to work on and that's worth everything!

Sanjida A.

United States

Mountians and Lake

I highly recommend working one on one with Snow.


Her natural abilities to connect with source and you as a client is a life changing experience.

I am still integrating my experience, but overall the amount of release, catharsis and healing that occurred in our session has allowed me to have the courage to step into my truth in both my relationship and career.


Snow is her authentic self and it gave me the permission to also be my true self. The environment she creates is very loving, safe and open.


Thank you Snow for the work you do for others. your light is very bright and shines everywhere you go

Aimee Irene


Winding Roads

Everything you say always resonates so strongly with me, and beyond your words, your energy reminds me to remain connected to truth. Even though it has been a couple of months since our last session, I think of you often, and my journal falls open to the pages of notes that I took from the sessions, so that I can integrate more. Your words and teachings are still rippling through me. 

Since the last session, I uncovered some repressed emotions from abuse that happened when I was a child, and in healing that, my whole path has opened up before me. Nothing that happened before this moment exists or matters. I truly feel free. And your interview reminds me that it is not me that creates my path. I am walking the path of God, so all I am to do is surrender to it. 


When I released the repressed emotions, several synchronistic events led me to starting a new business with a client. We will be running retreats, starting in Fiji next year. It the most bizarre feeling to know that all we need to do is surrender and trust. I've always run my businesses from the ego, and there has always been anxiety and stress. With this business, there is an energetic force behind it that says "I don't care what you do, I'm coming, so you better get out of the way". 


Thank you for coming into my life when you did.


Much love! 

Debbie xoxox



Aerial View of Beach

Tbh so much was lost on me during our actual call, and so much of your message when I replay it, I find now was spot-on, and exactly what I need to hear, now. I hadn't realized in the moment how much accuracy your message contained basically from the first moment you started speaking directly to me when our call began. Just wanted to confirm with you that-- so spot on and I'm so immensely helped by the precision of it, and Wow, thank you!


Shortly after our call I was placed in a really clear and obvious way directly in this call of medicine work and things in that way were made really apparent... before I had had my doubts. I spent some time in the pure jungle in ceremony with a shipibo curandero who opened many doors with his songs which were keys I feel, and many things took place. I've been back from that place for < 2 months now and navigating again through different landscapes and tests of patience and gliding through, trusting still learning.


Many blessings, initiations, plantings, and training. I hope it's okay that I give you an update! I am so grateful that you're here and that you shine your light in this way. I am continuing in following, once again, so appreciative of your guideposts... I still have not made my way completely through the recording yet because much of it is so dense (though many attempts), in a good way.


So grateful! THANK YOU!!!

it's so funny how much of your messages just flew right past me during our call. lol! but thank you for foreseeing and speaking to exactly what I would need to hear.

resting and receiving and following 


many blessings to you!

Dramatic Sunset

I recently completed an emotional healing therapy package with Sarah, and can say it was a deeply healing shift in my life to receive her help.


Her loving insight is a blessing, and such that by the end reflected into a deeply felt trust and comfortability within and for myself and others.


I feel so grateful to walk away with a relationship I know will support and love me within my journey, and I hers. If you’re desiring a reflection of God’s love, mwah you’ve found the right girl

Harmony Light


Wheat Field

I'm so grateful to have an experience of meeting of the souls.


I've felt connected to Sarah on a level where healing begins.


I was calm and joyful in Sarah's Presence, Wisdom and Flow.


Ivy Lee


White Flowers

Sarah is amazing! I can't even begin to describe how incredible a session with Sarah is!

She clearly is a channel for God's love, light, and wisdom. 


She has been extremely helpful in guiding me and letting me know that I'm on the right path. 

I highly recommend her!

Thanks again, I'm forever grateful!


Tamara Trejo

United States

Growing Plants

Thank you. 

You are a beautiful ray of sunshine. I woke up feeling paralyzed by fear of the impending decisions and changes and asked Prime Creator God for Grace and Guidance and then I opened this email and it was in this email in the book segments. 

Thank you... Helps me be reminded reality is never the story of fear our ego is spinning.  Resistance is my obstacle to break through. 

I love you for your love and care...

Steve Fierro


Fall Tokens

One of Sarah’s messages to the world is that we are all multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience, lifetime after lifetime.


My life’s circumstances have been mostly favourable, and I am deeply grateful for everything I have and everyone I’ve met. Yet, despite all my blessings, I’ve been having this nagging sensation lately that, somehow along the way, I had wandered off my destined spiritual path, and that I wasn’t living my full potential.

I sensed an urgency of having to discover more about my path.

My search for answers led me to Sarah.


My Soul Path Activation session with her was mind-blowing and eye-opening. The insight and advice I received was so much more than I could have ever hoped for! From the very beginning of my session with Sarah I felt an instant connection, as if I had known her forever. She is generous and empathetic. She created a space for me where I felt safe, understood and valued. During our session, she tapped into my soul’s energy, and almost immediately certain emotional blockages and vulnerabilities came to light - a sense of guilt concerning past events, and a fear of having my trust broken again. Because I hadn’t found the courage to address these painful emotions at the time, I had buried them deep inside.


Sarah helped me realise how this had led to certain repeating patterns in the way I perceived the world and how I acted in my relationships with people (men in particular). I hadn’t been consciously aware of these patterns, and the realisation put everything into perspective.

Sarah guided the discussion with a loving compassion, and with my best interest in mind. I completely trusted her as she was channelling specific messages for me from the highest spiritual planes. I will cherish these messages, and I am going to follow through with Sarah’s precious guidance and advice.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sarah for spreading your light and unconditional love to the world!

Emiliya Georgieva


Orange Blossom


I wanted to thank you once again for the love and service you provide. I spent the day so calm and serene it has been a wonderful day. 

...Just wanted to let you know the gratitude I feel. I am going to try the things you recommended and I hope to talk to you again soon. 

Caylee Pak

South Korea

Dry Plants

Thinking of you. I am working on pure consciousness and I am loving my journey, it's been hard but I am coming to so many realizations.


I want to thank you for guiding me on this journey and giving me the tools to see me in my consciousness, to see who I am and who I was all along.


I truly see life differently.


I am expanding my awareness and to let go of all traumas and situations.


Those are objects, they don't define me. I am becoming one with pure consciousness.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me who I am. 

You are amazing. I love you. 

Becky Butz


Rose Flower

What a navigator you are, Snow!

Blessings and praises to you, to your work, to your infinitely loving heart.


To anyone who's reading this, I've come to realize that sooner or later we are all abandoned, betrayed, broken somehow, every single one of us.


Once undone, we're all then faced with a profound choice: either stay asleep in the murky harbour of our own suffering, or set sail on the seas of raucous spiritual adventure -- through the lightning, the thunder, the jagged shoals of true healing -- and back to ourselves. 

So how to dive into the deep, to embrace the cyclops, the hydras, the gorgons of our sacred shadows? I'd encourage you to find your courage, then reach out to Snow and ask her to take the tiller, to steer the ship.


She's sailed these seas herself, she holds the treasure map, she'll sail you safely towards all of it.


And then? 

You'll suddenly find yourself emerging out of the depths into the brilliant sunlight of Who You Really Are. 

Are you Ready? 

Steven Starr

United States

Wooden Window

I am beyond blessed to work with Sarah. Not only is she an exceptional human being; she is also profoundly wise and knowledgeable In her field of expertise.


When I came to her I was seriously unwell and in the shortest time she helped me to overcome and work through my chronic pain and other areas of physical malaise.


I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.

Beautiful inside and out.


As a professional trauma therapist myself I know the importance of a heart to heart connection and Sarah brings this and so much more.


She is a true example of an Angel of Love, Light and Healing

Carmel Clark



Sarah holds clear, safe

grounded and loving space

for you to travel on your through places of deepest emotional resistance.


This journey with her has been one of the most transformative in my life.

Debbie Anders

United States


I think a lot of your wisdom lands as a seed I don't always recognize the potential of, at first, but thankfully I allow it to take root.


Over even a short few weeks, my journal writing, and online posting shows me a growing level of understanding and acceptance within myself, of some cosmic awareness i didn't fully see or access until working with you...


This of course represents an untapped potential I can only begin to dream of! The idea stepping into trusting my intuitive nature is something I struggled with in the past, due in part to living from a cerebral left brained perspective 24/7.


Now, as referenced above I am rediscovering myself at what feels like a soul purpose level, which feels entirely familiar!

This core essence, that had been covered over by culturization and domestication, is being reborn through acceptance of my true nature.


I've come to recognize my intuition as a signpost, relevant to my entire journey, pointing me in the right direction, which is inward, and towards truth

Sabu - Rewilding Guide

United States

Pebbles on the Sand

Just had an amazing session with Sarah Snow at Labyrinth Holistic Health today!


The universe is so good when you allow grace and gratitude to flow through you!


I will post this session on my YouTube channel for anyone who is seeking guidance, wisdom and love to integrate with.

Through these trying and turbulent times God, Christ consciousness and Source are just waiting for us to open up and flow with us.


We must make a choice?


Our journey is one of eternity where happiness, safety and love is ours for the asking.


Be the light you want to see in the world.

Aaron Landon

United States

Abstract Portrait

I came to Snow for an in person Reiki Energy Clearing Session in her home.


Snow was amazing...

I loved her energy,


She is amazing healer and I highly recommend her!

Mn Ivy



A few days before I sat with Sarah Snow, I asked the universe for "acceleration.


Wow....did she deliver on that.


I am still feeling the profound effects of being with her energy.

My entire spirit was expanded and opened up in a significant way.


Since then, I have encountered some serious serendipity in my life that has accelerated my direction toward my purpose and position in this life.


Thank you Sarah.

You are amazing.

Allison Liss


White Lillies

My experience at Labyrinth Holistic Health was amazing.


Snow’s ability to listen and evaluate your past trauma, to pinpoint where there may be emotional blockages that need to be healed to me is the most important part of the process.  


In order for us to grow spiritually we have to deal with what’s holding us back.

She gave me the tools I needed to heal and I have them to use for the rest of my life.


This was a life changing experience and I will continue to learn and progress with Labyrinth Holistic Health.


I highly recommend.

Lethan Williams

United States

Ocean Water

I have had one session with Snow so far and she has this amazing presence and is an incredibly wise soul.


She gave me some awesome tips to help me with my journey and she is this vast consciousness that I cannot explain in words.


She spoke to me as if she were me but even I do not know myself as well as she knew me.

I gained a lot of clarity from one session so far.


She utterly understands where you are at in your journey.


She pointed out certain things in me that were not in my awareness and shed light in those areas that I needed some clarity.


She is such an amazing soul and can guide you through your journey and align you with your Souls Path.  

Bella Wahabzada

United States

Great Leap

Working with Snow Forest has been such a beautiful blessing.


We aligned with each other following an experience I had with hearing knocking on my bedroom door in the middle of the night which I initially thought to be an intruder but later we realized was not an actual person in my home but contact from another realm...

Quite likely my higher self attempting to awaken me and protect me from the darkness I was spiralling into following a major back injury.

After our first session I knew I had to continue on this journey with her. 


She made me feel safe, loved, held and cared for, with much compassion and empathy.


I have a book full of her downloads which have helped me connect the dots on my soul's journey and in turn have felt guided through seeing my own shadows, behaviour patterns and places where I need to position myself in life. She is authentic and I have never felt any discomfort in her presence.


I have spoken to her as she travelled the world and always at just the right time. 


I highly recommend working with her!

Jessi Kohoutek


Soothing Bell

Snow is incredibly gifted with grace, humility, and oracular wisdom.


I have never met someone who has felt so close to hOMe as when I speak with her.


Such ease in receptivity to her guidance pervades for weeks after a session.


Simply life enhancing, validating, and comforting.

“Every moment descends upon us a Snow”

Harmony Aura

United States


After leaving my first *in person session with Snow, I felt an empowerment that sustained for weeks.


I felt genuinely seen, understood and guided in a way no one else has ever offered me.


I cannot recommend meeting Snow enough.


She has a gift.

Meredith Elzea


Sunset in the Woods

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sarah.   


She has addressed my health issues with compassion and kindness and gave me many ideas to help myself get healthy again after over 30 years.

Her intuition of feeling my pain was spot on.


I hope to stay in future contact if I need any further help with my issues because she is so approachable.

Shirley B.


Fresh Flower

Sarah was kind, sincere, and super present during our session. She shared insights that totally resonated with my whole being! I feel clearer and more aligned after just one session.


She’s truly gifted and sincere. I never felt rushed and knew I was safe to share.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Sarah. I also can’t wait to talk with her again soon and I’m certain that you’ll feel the same after meeting her

Rachel H.

United States

Muddy Beach


I was a wee bit nervous because I was coming into a brand new space. I didn’t need to be articulate- there were no opinions..just a heart to heart. Yes, she met me where I was. We held a loving space open and shared our joy of continuing the growth of our hearts..deepening our experience within the Beloved. We shared our dreams for the expansion of all hearts. Sarah makes herself very available- a true conduit. I’m overjoyed to have CONNECTED.

Natalie McGuire

United States

Basket and Wild Flowers

The story is what did it for me!

I reached the same point in my life and I HAD to meet you! And I did. 

My life will never be the same!

Thank you for sharing!!!!

I've helped so many souls in just one year after meeting with you. 

Your story ignited every DNA cell in my entire body when I heard it. And I had listened to thousands and thousands of stories after my mom passed/ascended. Every single word you spoke woke up my cells and I needed to know why.


Me booking with you is something I can’t explain I was able to do at that point in my life especially without someone with me for support. I knew I needed to speak with you and asap, I was on zoom with you literally 4 days after I saw you on YouTube.


I never listened to another story again after you looking for answers


I am so proud of who you are and who you fought to bring to the surface for yourself but ultimately souls like me & importantly mother Gaia/earth.


I can only receive or give light messages, positive messages to souls and I believe it’s because the activation I got with you is light, love, positive energy.

Melissa Bruno 

United States

White Theme Bouquet

Sarah is an incredible channel for Spirit. She is a fountain of living water!

Our session was a supercharged divine appointment, full of confirmation, affirmation and encouragement. She brought clarity to those places where I was unclear.

The theme of our time together was Divine Union, and we interfaced together from that place of transcendent unity. I came away with renewed energy and purpose.

Our session was so rich, I’ll be returning to our conversation again and again. I can safely mark our meeting as my launchpad into the future.

It was one of the most precious experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Sarah. xo

Memorial Red Rose

Thank you so much for the amazing session. It is helping tremendously already.


I love and appreciate your beautiful Divine essence radiating joy,


Truth, and Love, a healing balm for us all.

Jennie Anahata

United States

Yellow Flowers

I had a fantastic experience working with Sarah to help resolve my young son's epilepsy.


Sarah was able to intuit extremely helpful suggestions to bring his overall health into a more balanced state.


This led to huge improvements not only in terms of the seizures but also his sleep and overall contentment. Sarah approached our sessions with sensitivity and openness, which I feel allowed them to flow in a very organic way.


I much preferred this to more formulaic approaches we've tired previously, as it felt like she always made the effort to understand.


Through our discussions Sarah also led me to see a much bigger picture in which my own path and my son's are intimately connected.


This has left me with a renewed sense of purpose, especially with regard to the 'little things' in life.


Altogether I found my time working with Sarah very beautiful and I am truly grateful for the experience, which has been one of the most meaningful of my life.


Paul Anderson

United Kingdom

Autumn Road

That day changed my life.


I knew I had to leave the relationship I was in and begin to dismantle the white picket fence. 

Raina Lutz



Sarah, I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a BEAUTIFUL SOUL

You spoke 100% the truth and thank you for peeling the layers. You gave me understanding, clarity and affirm what I knew all along, I needed this, you guiding me...

I am overflowing with gratitude.

Veronica Cerva

South Africa


Thank you Sarah for our session, ever since I've been learning how to bring my stress down by breathing exercises and as simple as it sounds its helped me tremendously. 

The conversation we had also gave me insight into my past trauma and the affects it still has on me today. 

I am learning to forgive others as well as myself. 

I still have a little ways to go but I'm on the right path and now have the necessary tools. 

I'm forever grateful and highly recommend a session. 

Lethan Williams

United States


Words cannot begin to describe my transformation in the last few months.


I first saw Snow 3 months ago when I was ungrounded, lost and fragmented. I had been going through one of the hardest times in my life. My encounters with Snow take me out of the false perception of reality, break it all down in the most loving and gentle way (but still intense), and even though she isn't physically here with me as I journey through my life day to day, her words and energy are carried with me. She has taught me that no matter how dark it seems, it is all grace and all perfect. 


Her faith, her trust, and her belief in the highest part of me lift me to a higher and higher vibration each day, and I am reminded of who I really am. She has an energy of pure love, acceptance and compassion, and holds space for me powerfully even though she is on the other side of the world. 


I have seen many healers, psychics and coaches, and I have never trusted anyone in the way I trust Snow. Everything she suggests for me aligns with my soul, so I do everything she suggests. This has assisted in a big transformation in such a short period of time. I am so deeply honoured to be on this journey with her.

Thank you, Snow, for what you do. xoxoxox

Debbie Baharian



Dear Sister, I feel an awakening of something different on the inside; a stirring of feelings, an expansion in the heart and it has a voice. It is quiet, but it has presence and feels backed by an ocean of strength.


I am walking with it gently, witnessing and allowing it room and time to take natural shape. I feel excited!! 

I am glad I acted in the moment and reached out for your ageless wisdom, power and earthly care.


You are a threshold mentor, a Seer for seekers - calling them out of the quicksand of uncertainty and guiding them onto the pathways of regeneration and liberation. 

You are a woman standing powerfully and true on her God given pillars of strength. 

You are a womb of creation, inviting the dream, accepting it and speaking it into being with love. You give strength back to those unsure. Like the divine mother, you are a nurturer. 

May all women stand in their place, take hold of their men, sons and daughters and water them with the love that grows. 

Blessings and love

Selase Dugbaza


Beach at Sunset

I went to Snow for support in healing my womb, ovary and to regulate my hormones and emotions.


It was as if she knew what was happening with me before I even arrived. Her empathetic listening, presence and reflections ignited my own deeper intuition and self awareness. 

She offered me a variety of vibrational anchors, emotional insights, and medicine. 

A few months later after implementation, my hormones and emotions have significantly regulated!!

This is a total life changer.

Snow is a way shower. She guides with so much compassion, ease and love. 

I am grateful to have worked with her and would highly recommend her services! 

Leah Barsher



Snow has changed my LIFE.

I’ve been working with her for about 6-7 years now and she has supported me through my spiritual journey and also my GUT HEALTH journey.

Recently struggling with my gut health, Snow really guided me into a healthier and happier me.

Thank you so much!

Jetty Ly


Tropical Plant

Snow is truly someone who I pay close attention to as she speaks.


I have learned so much from her about living in a High-Vibrational state, opening the Heart and making decisions from Intuition.


She is one of those people who can really elicit an expanded sense of potential in those around her.