White WIld Flowers

"Snow is incredibly adaptive and full of wisdom. What she shares with me is so rich, practical and integrative. The tools she has given me are powerful, effective and inspires healthy growth. Her advice are like seeds that not only are giving when initially planted, but keeps unraveling in their richness. It sheds new light onto parts of myself I am less aware of and brings me lots of clarity to navigate my life with more trust and confidence in my worth and gives me lots of hope in my moments of struggle" --- Sun Walks

"For the past year and a half, Snow has acted as both a trusted friend and a guide, supporting my inner transitions with love, encouragement and insight. It is incredibly comforting for me to know that I can call on Sarah when I am undergoing different shifts and themes within my life – from health, to death and grievance, to relationships and matters of the spirit. That said, I highly recommend working with Snow for a wide range of inquiry and support… She has been such a beautiful gift in my life!" --- Payton Pereux

"She holds clear, safe, grounded and loving space for you to travel on your through places of deepest emotional resistance. This journey with her hasn't been an easily one, but it's one of the most transformative in my life." ---Debbie Anders 

"Snow has the ability to lead you to a place of clarity and alignment easily by holding you in your process of letting go so that your innate truth and sovereignty can be remembered" --- Jessi Phan | Embodiment Voice

"Working with Labyrinth Holistic Health and specifically with Snow has been such a great opportunity to see the rewards of focus and intention, combined with the accountability wisdom and guidance of a transformative coach!" --- Doug Allan

"I think a lot of your wisdom lands as a seed i don't always recognize the potential of,at first, but thankfully I allow it to take root. Over even a short few weeks, my journal writing, and online posting shows me a growing level of understanding and acceptance within myself, of some cosmic awareness i didn't fully see or access until working with you...This of course represents an untapped potential i can only begin to dream of! The idea stepping into trusting my intuitive nature is something I struggled with in the past, due in part to living from a cerebral left brained perspective 24/7. Now, as referenced above I am rediscovering myself at what feels like a soul purpose level, which feels entirely familiar! This core essence, that had been covered over by culturization and domestication, is being reborn through acceptance of my true nature. I've come to recognize my intuition as a signpost, relevant to my entire journey, pointing me in the right direction, which is inward, and towards truth" --- Sabu | Rewilding Guide

"Snow is truly someone who I pay close attention to as she speaks. I have learned so much from her about living in a High-Vibrational state, opening the Heart and making decisions from Intuition. She is one of those people who can really elicit an expanded sense of potential in those around her. Connect with Sarah if you are looking to stoke the fire of your inspiration!! To live more in alignment with your true purpose!! Connect with her and watch it happen"--- Will Deroode | Divinity Code

"Thank you so much to Snow Forest of "Labyrinth Holistic Health", and Tamara McLellan of "My Wild Heart" for providing me with a one-day experience that has changed my life--this earthly existence so to speak. Sarah & Tamara teamed up to provide the most incredible workshop ever, "Living A Fully Conscious Life" in the Big White/Kelowna area. They went above and beyond in what they provided for our group; the day was abundant in knowledge and activities (yoga, hiking, discussion, meditation, food, tea). Connected with others, marinated in nature & vitamin D; really, I could not have asked for more. Looking forward to the next event! Thank you! Namaste" --- Andrea Tomlinson

Blue Waters

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing with Snow Forest