Sarah Snow BA Kine, R.H.N

Holistic Health Practitioner

Specializing in Soul Path,

Emotional Health and Energy Medicine 

- BA Kinesiology, Health Science

- Dip. Registered Holistic Nutritionist

- Usui Reiki I/II Certification

Soul Path Oracle

Multi-Dimensional Wayshower
Tantric Energy Healer
Meditation Facilitator
Speaker/Workshop Speaker

Holder of Sacred Circle 



Email: srh.lam@gmail.com

Whats app: +64 27 258 1446

The Labyrinth - Transitional Miracles


Dec 2016 - Costa Rica
Jan-Feb - Burlington, ON
March - Las Vegas, USA, Kelowna, BC
April - Kauai, HI
June - Hamilton, ON, Ottawa, ON
July - Kelowna, BC, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Island, BC
August - Portland, OR, San Juan Islands, WA
September - Vancouver, BC, Kelowna, BC
October - Kelowna, BC
Nov-Dec - Kelowna, BC


Jan - Maui, HI

Feb - Kelowna, BC

March - Kauai, HI

April - Kelowna, NC

May - Kelowna, BC

Jun - Kelowna, BC

Jul - Seattle, Orcas Island, WA

Aug - Portland, Ashland, OR

Sep - Kelowna, BC

Oct-Nov - Mt Shasta,San Francisco, San Jose CA

November - Vancouver, Kelowna, BC

December - Bali, IN


Jan - Bali, IN, Auckland, NZ

Feb - Christchurch, NZ

March - Various South Island & Nelson, NZ

April - Nelson, NZ

May - Nelson, NZ

Jun - Nelson, NZ

Jul - Auckland, NZ, Las Vegas, NV

Aug - Kingman, NV, Beloved Festival (Oregon)

Sep -Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (Dark Retreat) 

Oct - Mazunte, MX


Sarah Snow Freelance Photography & Art


In the summer of 2016, Sarah Snow had a Near Death Experience practicing Plant Medicine and Wild-crafting in the forests of British Columbia. Sarah is one of the only known survivors of ingestion/contamination from of the most poisonous plant in North America (Water Hemlock),

Her experience left her body lifeless for 5 days in a coma in which the doctors weren't sure if she'd survive. After the 5th day, Sarah miraculously awoke to life, all organs functional. Sarah left the hospital only a couple days after.

Coming back into the physical world Sarah's found her entire understanding of reality and universal truth re-shaped, exposing her to a radical and profoundly deepened understanding what we call 3D reality, life, death, surrender, space, time, love and light.

As a result of this experience, she has now dedicated her life to be in service to others and Mother Earth by leading from the heart, being presence and sharing the messages that come from our collective consciousness, awoken as a clear channel and seer.


Sarah is a teacher and life-long student of Plant Medicine, Wildcrafting/Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition and Energy Medicine, Sarah’s gifts as a Soul Path Guide and DNA Activator through her channelling from Plant Spirit, assists us in stepping into our light path to shine brighter and share our divine gifts with courage and authenticity whether through one-on-one coaching or group workshops on Death, Self-Love, Plant-Medicine and Divine Feminine Embodiment Practices.


Her private clients journey with her through the places of deepest transition, where her focus on holding clear, encouraging space to process emotions, let go and remember our innate truth and sovereignty as interconnected beings of love and compassion.

In addition to public speaks and workshops, Sarah is also a Freelance Photographer and Platform Creator for Conscious Creators and Sustainable Businesses. She has a gift in feeling and seeing the innate essence of an individual and assisting businesses align to their authenticity (pure power potential)


Modalities utilized include an intuitive mix of:

Foundational Holistic Nutrition/Herbal Remedies

Subconscious Re-Programming

Channeled Plant Spirit Messages/Angel Realm
Akashic Record Readings
Subconscious Re-programming
Emotional Freedom Technique
Usui Reiki Level I/II Hands on Healing

Multi-Dimensional Wayshowing
Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Intuitive Movement, Meditation and Breath-work Practices


Past Workshop Offerings:

Teachings on Life and Death, Yoga, Meditation Practices, Sacred Ritual, Self-Care and Self-Empowerment Classes, Holistic Nutrition, Hormonal Balance, Adrenal Fatigue, and Plant Spirit Medicine Day Retreats, Sacred Women's Circles,


Sarah's core teachings embody the pillars of Nature, Love, Life, Death, Purpose, Play and Surrender.


In her workshops, gatherings, sacred circles and speaks her intention is to fuel our innate connections that have always existed amongst all of us, so as to return our existence to one of greater love, unity and connection.

Life's greatest teachers already within us, reflected in nature, and taught by the transitions and challenges that come into our lives. How can we succumb to the challenge of BEING? How can we allow the sweet surrender into the present moment to flow like nectar around every aspect of my life?

When we realize that the answer to our search for purpose and happiness is found within, imagine all the beauty that we can create, all just by being ourselves --- in harmony and connection to the earth and all her sentient beings.

It would be a pleasure and an honor to

hold your hand, lift your heart and walk beside you so you may walk the path to your fullest potential...

Email: srh.lam@gmail.com

Phone: Whatsapp +64 27 258 1446.

With endless love and deep breaths,

Snow Forest


Holistic Healing with Sarah Snow