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3HR RIFE DNA Frequency Scan/TX *Add-on*

BiofeedbackScan/RemoteFreqTx Prog for Detection/Healing of Any Disease

  • 30 min
  • 333 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

R.I.F.E. Machines provide Remote DNA Biofeedback Scans/Frequency Healing which support in the detection and/or nullification of dis-harmonic frequencies that sustain Chronic Illness and lead to Disease. This is done by receiving a sample of your DNA *Example: FingerNail Clipping or HairRoot* and running this sample through our Biofeedback Frequency Detector which will pick up emanating frequencies lodged in the Body/Mind/Spirit of the individual. Once the sample is received in our office, we will conduct a Bio-feedback Scan to detect any frequency matches in the DNA Sample and run a subsequent program to nullify this disharmonies in your energy field. *This Service is BEST used to ENHANCE --- ANY 4.5HR Healing Package There are two ways to utilize this treatment: As an *ADD-ON* TREATMENT WITH ANY 4.5 HEALING PACKAGE: If you wish to Book the Basic RIFE Biofeedback Scan to Detect Diseased Frequency ***With ongoing 1-on-1 Personalized Therapy Sessions with Snow*** Please specify in your booking request that you would like to add this bundle to your treatment package and book this Therapy Package Alongside. --- As a "SOLO" 3HR R.I.F.E DISEASE FREQUENCY DETECTION/HEALING PACKAGE: If you wish to Book the Basic RIFE Biofeedback Scan to Detect Diseased Frequency ***Without ongoing 1-on-1 Personalized Therapy Sessions with Snow***You will just book this Treatment Package by itself one week in advance ***Special instructions for sending your DNA Sample will be sent to you at the time of Booking and will need to be received by us within 2 weeks*** THE BASIC R.I.F.E DISEASE FREQUENCY DETECTION AND HEALING HEALING INCLUDES: 30 min Pretreatment Zoom Call to Explain Technology and Conduct Biofeedback Scan of your DNA Sample A Digital Copy of your Biofeedback DNA Sample Scan which picks up any Diseased Frequencies Detected in the Mind/Body/Spirit from the Results of your DNA Sample 3HR of Personalized Remote Frequency Treatment Killing Pathogen Protocol AND Healing Organ Systems Protocol created by Snow* 30 min PostTreatment Follow-up Zoom Call to assess any further treatment needs* $333.00 USD - For Biofeedback Frequency Detection Scan; 3HR of Remote Healing; 1 Pre-Treatment and 1 Post-Treatment 30 min Zoom Calls (Please note: All initial calls are scheduled after the reception of your DNA Sample *we will contact you once received* --- If not received within the window before your scheduled appointment, your initial call will be postponed until received

Cancellation Policy

*Time/Date changes can be made 48hours in advance, changes made after 48hrs are subject to a 20% rescheduling fee*

Contact Details

250 899 8849

Located in Home Treatment Space 751 Lindley Drive, Kelowna, BC, Canada

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