Sarah is fully booked now until mid Jan 2022.
All new appointments will be scheduled after Jan 15th, 2022.

If you are continuing your therapy package you will be prioritized.
If you have an urgent questions please contact us and we'd be happy to assist however we can! 

 Labyrinth Holistic Health is a place for Holistic Healing.


To bring you back to vibrational harmony Snow uses powerful exercises and techniques to repattern the subconscious, assisting the body in coming back into balance and creating space for emotional healing and the transformation of trauma 


Recent Reviews

"Snow's ability to listen and evaluate your past trauma, to pinpoint where there maybe emotional blockages that are needed to be healed...She gave me the tools I needed to heal and I have them to use for the rest of my life. This was a life changing experience and I will continue to learn and progress with Labyrinth Holistic Health. I highly recommend "

- Lethan Williams

"Snow has the ability to lead you to a place of clarity and alignment easily by holding you in your process of letting go so that your innate truth and sovereignty can be remembered"

- Joy Phan

"...the flow of the conversation was as easy as it was revelatory! Sarah is definitely the real deal. She gave me accurate readings on who I am, where I am at in my spiritual journey, the role of a loved one in my life and practical advice on how to step into my power! Not only is her wisdom invaluable, but her presence is incredibly loving...like catching up with an old friend"

- Ray McKetty

"...she is this vast consciousness that I cannot explain in words. She spoke to me as if she were me but even I do not know myself as well as she knew me...she utterly understands where you are at in your journey"

- Bella Wahabzada

"Sarah you are definitely an angel. You are such a beautiful soul, how you interacted with me was the most beautiful and powerful experience of my whole lifetime. I was able to open up to you more then a friend I have known on this earth. Thank you for using your existence to help my existence. Such a beautiful sacrifice. You will always be imprinted on my heart"

- Melissa Bruno

Blue Waters

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing with Snow Forest