Did you enjoy the oils from your healing session or workshop? Essentials oils are plant extracts that assist in gently guiding our bodies back into balance. I use them personally in my daily healing routine as well as in incorporate them into my Reiki, Yoga and Meditation sessions. Oils are powerful healing tools that can prevent illness, aid in symptom relief, cure ailments as well as provide emotional regulation, treating depression, anxiety, grief and stress.

I work with Young-living Essential Oils because I firmly believe that they are the highest quality oils on the market due to their extraction method and purity. If you are looking for more information on these oils or to see of full listing of the oils I personally use and distribute, please send me a message or call me at: srh.lam@gmail.com/2508995220 and I'd be happy to assist you.

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Here is a list of some of the common oils I use and some of the healing properties associated:

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