During a session, multidisciplinary modalities are used intuitively and as necessary, to point an individual back towards their path to optimal health and direction. In practice, this may include tips and advice on nutritional/herbal support to aid the physical body in returning to homeostasis, the application of distance energy healing to return an individual or group back to vibration harmony, to powerful exercises and techniques which can be used to de-program the subconscious and creating space for emotional healing and trauma transformation.

A tangible shift in their energy will be felt even after just one session. However, to receive the full benefit of the journey, a package of total of 4 Sessions is usually highly recommended in order to address each system adequately so transformation can move into lasting change. Note: Each package is completely unique based on the person. As each session is catered to an individual's needs based is present for them in their journey...

Therapeutic Sessions include the following pending on the individual's level of awareness and needs:

Foundational Holistic Nutrition/Herbal Remedies

Trauma Release and Emotional Healing Techniques

Gut/Brain Connection Education
Subconscious Reprogramming

Multidimensional Wayshowing
Plant Medicine Ceremonies
Soul Path Channelling and Prophetic Words

Inviting Presence and Embodiment Techniques

Yin Yoga, Theta Healing, Meditation and Breathwork Practices

Energy Healing *Sound and Colour Therapies*

Blue Waters

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing with Snow Forest